About Us

What is Small Home?
SmallHome.com is dedicated to saving space for people who need it the most. The appliances we sell have been specifically chosen to for their size, quality, and functionality. Not only do our appliances work in small spaces, they are actually designed for small spaces like apartments, condos, RVs, boats, and cabins. If you are looking for the best selection of Small Home appliances online then you are in the right place.   

Our mission is to provide innovative, high quality, specialty products that save time, space and energy with elegant design and functionality to simplify your life. 

We offer a variety of laundry products, kitchen appliances, and more. We understand your busy lifestyle and want to provide you with exactly what you need so that you can spend more time doing what you love. Our focus is quality products and friendly customer service. With these goals in mind, we at Small Home, Inc. look forward to serving you.