By - Sara Fisher February 13 2018
Good morning, Leena, I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with the customer service provided by you and your company. You quickly returned my calls and emails, and expedited the service call from the local repair shop. The technician was friendly, knowledgeable, and rapidly assessed the issue. The order was placed immediately, and you facilitated the prompt shipment of the required part, which was delivered directly to me. Again, you contacted the technician who quickly came, and installed the part. He stayed here until he was certain the appliance was working properly. I have been extremely pleased with you and your assistance, from my initial call to you until the full repair of the appliance. I very much appreciate your excellent customer service, your courtesy, and your efficient handling of this matter. Please advise if there is a supervisor, or another person, or department, I should contact, so I can share with them my very positive experience.
By - Wendy Maclay November 02 2017
customer was very happy with the service provided.
By - Sharon Hanson October 09 2017
Service provided by Paige from Customer Service and the technician was good
By - Marshall K October 04 2017
Very pleased with the service provided. Also the technician was good and knowledgeable
By - Deborah Amaral September 08 2017
The service is excellent.