Sekido All-In-One Washer/Dryer 1.59 cu.ft. in Champagne Gold with 1 Pack of Detergent (5lbs)

Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold
Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold Equator Super Combo <br> 4400N CV Gold

Sekido All-In-One Washer/Dryer 1.59 cu.ft. in Champagne Gold with 1 Pack of Detergent (5lbs)

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Categories: -Combo Washer Dryers, Version 2 Pro, Laundry Model: SK 4400N Color: Champagne Gold Price: $1,409.00 Also Available In: Equator Super Combo EZ 4400N White Equator Super Combo Washer Dryer EZ 4400 N Pink Equator Super Combo 4400N Silver Super Combo 4400N  Black Super Combo 4400N Merlot

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Sekido’s groundbreaking eco-friendly 4400 N Combo Washer Dryer With 1 Pack of Detergent (5lbs) free has been featured and recognized as the “Best Compact Full-Sized Option” by the editors of Popular Mechanics in their publication of "The Best All-in-one Washer Dryers for 2022".Sekido remains committed to creating ingenious products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives. Awarded the The Popular Mechanic's "Editor's Choice" for 2022. The SK 4400 N comes packed with features such as Winterize for RV Usage, Quiet Feature (Less than 60 db). It also features a redesigned easy to operate control panel with a simple 2-Step operation. At just 33.5-inches high x 23.5-inches wide x 22-inches deep, this Super Combo has a large 13 lb. load capacity and boasts energy- and time-saving features that have earned numerous design and industry awards. Along with a one- button, convertible venting/condensing drying system, it boasts the features of full size washers and dryers—merged into a single unit design.

  • Quiet Function
  • Winterize (For RV users)
  • 1200 rpm (for faster drying)
  • Color Coded LED Display
  • Automatic Water Level
  • Automatic Dry Level
  • Optional Sensor/Time Dry
  • Refresh Function
  • Diagnostics (12 error codes)
  • Child Lock?
  • Delay Start
  • Self Clean Option
  • Add-a-sock option
  • End of cycle chime
  • Water Saver option
  • Easy to open coin trap
  • Start / Pause function
  • Adjustable leveling legs-4
  • Easy to install 2 shipping rods
  • Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycle
  • Convertible Venting / Condensing Dry
  • Electronic Control Panel with LED lights
  • Energy Saving auto display off after 5 min
  • Venting Booster fan option to blow air 50 ft
  • Angled 45 degree door handle (Reduces Bending)
  • 2 Easy-to-install shipping rods
  • Built-in diagnostics
Model: 4400 N
Capacity: 1.59 cu.ft./ 13 lbs
Door Diameter / Swing: 16 / 180
Programs: 14
Additive Dispenser: Automatic
Stainless Steel Drum: Yes
Dryer Ventilation: Vented/Ventless
Wash only or Dry only option: Yes
Pre-Wash Function: Yes
Half-Heat Option: Yes
Automatic door lock in wash: Yes
Door lock open in dry mode: Yes
Easy access coin-trap: Yes
Speed: 1200 rpm
Electrical: 110V / 60Hz / 13A
Drum: Pearl Spa
Drum Baffles: Curved
Washing Input Power: 240 W
Spin Input Power: 450 W
Drying Input Power: 1300 W
Weight (Net/Gross) lbs: 162 / 171
Product Dimension HxWxD (inch): 33.5 x 23.5 x 22
Package Dimension HxWxD (inch): 35 x 25.5 x 22.5

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  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Actually, pretty good. Installed in RV. Very easy to connect-no leaks from water supply hoses. Have only used once to wash small load. This is not a household machine, so dont expect more than it is. It works fine, but I'm sure you'll still need to go to laundry for heavy items. Was very surprised how hot machine dried inside. Light load came out dry. Not damp. Machine does have some moisture around soap drawer, i think because of condensation. It was expected, so don't panic, part of the operation. Machine does shake during spin cycle. Really, this machine operated better than expected.

  2. jhonson (verified owner)

    Will recommend. Will recommend only if you want a small one I thought it be a little taller but it wasn’t but in all I’m happy we got our first washer dryer combo yeah boy.

  3. Oliver (verified owner)

    Will recommend. I’m happy we got our first washer dryer combo yeah boy.

  4. Len.G (verified owner)

    Great combo unit for small spaces and RV’s. My only complaint would be that you can’t change water temp without changing a program, other than that it would get 5 stars.

  5. Mary. J (verified owner)

    Cute, Everything in a small size. Compact size, full functionality.

  6. Joesph (verified owner)

    The latch on the door of my washer dryer combo. Immediately Terry and Hardin went into action to identify the problem, get the part, arrange a local repairman and have it fixed. Today my mother did her first load of wash. Thank you Terry and Hardin. Well done.

  7. Lauren (verified owner)

    Awesome little wash/dryer combo….love it!!

  8. Skylar B (verified owner)

    LOVE IT! First off, super easy to install. Very simple operation. I fill the unit and all clothes come out clean and dry. Takes about 3 hrs for a full wash and dry cycle, but doesn't bother me a bit. I will say, while it's overall extremely quiet, when it transitions from washer to dryer it has to spin very rapidly which is loud, but only for a minute or so. Absolutely glad I bought it.

  9. Henry (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing! So nice to throw a small load in and have it ready to put away later that day.

  10. TM (verified owner)

    Love it! The only thing is make sure you keep the drain holes up-right with hook on the end and place it in a pcv pipe for draining. It will not go into a spin cycle if your off grid and try to drain the hole laying flat

  11. JILL (verified owner)

    I have had this washer/dryer combo for about 6 months now and I am pretty happy with it. It works well for me but there are a few things I wish I would have know before hand. The options on this machine are pretty limited compared to other washers and dryers I've used. There are preset cycles for both wash and dry and those are the only options. There is no timed dry - you are limited to 1 hour or 2 hour drying times (or something in between), so if something just needs a little bit more dry time there is no way it put it in for just 20 or 30 minutes without stopping mid-cycle (so you don't get a cool down). With the wash options, you can't select the temperature you want for the cycle. The standard wash cycle is set at a warm temp. I usually like to wash my clothes in cold water to reduce shrinkage, but the only options for a cold cycle is delicates or wool, which i assume isn't going to get my jeans and regular clothes as clean as the standard wash cycle. Also, the dryer does not work the same as a standard dryer even using the vented option - my clothes come out extremely wrinkly (fabric softener helped but they are still very wrinkly) and never have that crisp, dry feeling you get from a standard dryer. There is also no lint trap on this machine, which I don't understand as I have a very hairy dog and I worry about where all that hair is going. Overall, its a good machine as long as you aren't looking for a lot of options.

  12. Gator (verified owner)

    I bought this combo to replace a Splendide combo in my motorhome. The size was compatible with the Splendide and the Equator slid right in. The Equato has features that were not available on the Splendide, and the cost was much less. I have not experienced any operational problems, as the Equator operates as advertised.

  13. BigOrange48 (verified owner)

    Very Compact and Fits Camper Great: "The washer leaked the very first time I tried to use it. The company sent a tech out and the repair was minor. The product has worked fine since. Pros: Good Size & Weight, Nice Design"

  14. Bubba (verified owner)

    Easy instructions for operation and hookups. Size was just right for my camper closet.

  15. laundry (verified owner)

    Machine runs great perfect for a small space, the only thing is I wish I had it sooner.

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