About Us

Why Choose SmallHome.com?

Do you struggle to find more time for what you love to do rather than what you have to do? So did we. The challenge of owning our free time connects us all—and it’s exactly the inspiration behind SmallHome.com. We bring busy customers like you streamlined, leading-edge technology that transforms household chores into effortless tasks. The result? Less housework and more living.

You can’t miss the growing shift away from consumption toward simplicity. A National Association of Home Builder's survey confirms that as a society, we’re seeking less expensive, smaller living spaces. We’re teaching our kids to been evironmentally aware and responsible in our world. We’re choosing to spend our dollars on companies that reflect our values. As we shrink our square footage and carbon footprint, we need alternatives to thefull-size appliances of the past.
SmallHome.com offers superior, innovative products that help you save space, energy and time. If you’re searching for compact size, top quality and practical efficiency, our products are designed just for you. Today’s small living spaces come in many shapes and forms—from apartments and RVs to tiny homes, condos, cabins and even boats. Our products are carefully crafted to gel with your life’s unique needs.

At SmallHome.com, we deliver compact home appliances and supersized customer service. As our appliances become part of the fabric of your life, we hope SmallHome.com will, too. Your trust is our top priority.

Welcome to the SmallHome.com family.