About Us

Why Choose SmallHome.com?

SmallHome.com was launched in 1999 with a desire to equip small homes with high-tech, low-space, eco-friendly laundry and home solutions. We know that, like us, you want to spend more time doing what you love to do rather than what you have to do. Our mission is to help you find products with exactly the kind of quality we choose for ourselves when we’re purchasing a home appliance or product.

Increasing numbers of individuals, couples and families are opting for less space and more simplicity. A survey by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that consumers are seeking less expensive, lower-maintenance choices rather than large living spaces. Less concerned with square footage than their actual footprint, folks are also looking for an alternative to huge appliances.

With that in mind, we offer specialty products that save time, space, and energy. Their elegant design and functionality is intended to simplify and enhance your life. Over the past seven years, SmallHome.com has served thousands of customers across the U.S. People searching for compact size, high quality, and practical efficiency find that our products are perfectly suited for small living spaces like tiny homes, apartments, condos, cabins, RVs, and even boats.
Customer service is a top priority for us, with a focus on friendliness. We are committed to making our customers completely satisfied with their purchases. We offer a variety of useful kitchen and laundry appliances and other products, and we truly look forward to serving you. Thanks for choosing SmallHome.com!