Upgrade to the Best RV and Tiny Home Appliances

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The RV and compact living lifestyle is becoming more prevalent around the world. RVing provides many benefits while being more economical than traditional living. For example, according to the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association, RVing is 60% cheaper than a conventional vacation. Furthermore, you can take advantage of more energy-efficient appliances that help to keep money in your pocket. Let’s take a look at some SmallHome Appliances that can elevate your tiny home or RV.
Ranges, Cooktops, and other Tiny Home/RV Cooking Appliances

Being able to cook the food you want on the road, in your off-the-radar, or tiny home is essential. That is why SmallHome recommends you invest in our induction cooktops. Induction cooktops are known to be fast at heating and easy to clean. If you have an RV, a propane-powered RV gas stove is also a good choice if you do not want to solely rely on your RV’s electricity source.

Who said that compact living meant less? Always create more for your space with convenient and innovative appliances such as an electric frying pan, an air-fryer like our AF 500, coffee machines, portable induction cookware, and a juicer or immersion blender.

Check out our sleek Induction Cooktop options.


  • RV or Compact Refrigerators

Ensuring that your compact space has the right refrigerator is key. Refrigerators like SmallHome’s RF 1012 DC S, are specifically designed for RVs, tiny homes, and off-grid houses. Easily store everything from 2-liter bottles to all of your perishables for the week in 10 cubic feet of space. This sleek model comes with a crisper, ice tray, bottle bin, and adjustable shelves. Choose to leave the appliance freestanding or built-in for your convenience.

Equator's RF 1012 is perfect for your tiny home, apartment, or RV!


  • Compact Dishwashers

Limited kitchen space calls for the perfect countertop dishwashers. Remarkably dishwashers can help conserve water usage. A standard compact dishwasher uses approximately 3.4-4 gallons of water to clean your dishes. Compact dishwashers are also excellent at energy efficiency. Check out our inventory of dishwashers here at SmallHome.

  • Compact Washers/Dyers

SmallHome has compact washer-dryers your space can really benefit from. Our all-in-one combo washer-dryer combines both appliances into one drum while automatically changing the cycle. This takes up less space compared to your standard set-up while providing you with the ultimate convenience.

Equator's latest Combo Washer-Dryer comes with premium features including the "Pet Cycle" function which works extra hard to remove pet hair from your laundry.


  • Cleaning Appliances

Ensure you keep your space clean with the proper cleaning appliances. SmallHome’s VSM 6000 is the perfect cleaning solution for your floors as it is capable of cleaning carpets and hard surfaces. With its voice prompt and self-cleaning capabilities, experience advanced cleaning for your compact space. When you are done using this device you can simply store it in its charging station until you are ready to use it again.

Purchase the VSM 6000 today to elevate your cleaning.


With the appropriate RV, tiny home, or off-the-grid appliances, your alternative lifestyle will be much more enjoyable and comfortable. Depending on what you need, this list of needed appliances can be overwhelming so ensure you are making the best decision for your home and your finances. Therefore, head to SmallHome for advanced and affordable appliances.